Stylish Renovation Of A Victorian Residence

stylish-renovation-of-a-victorian-house-1.jpg For the renovation of this Victorian loved ones residence, Venn Architects made the decision to produce a sympathetic contrast that would emphasize the distinction among the property’;s heritage and the new components that came to update it. The clever use of light, the angles and the spatial division give a layered truly feel to the inside. The central stairwell dominated the space in a dramatic statement. Even though imposing in size and manufactured of metal, it seems light and airy thanks to the empty spaces among the steps which let the light circulate freely at all heights. The walls along, over and beneath the stairs are employed for show and storage purposes. Half way up the stairs, a huge landing has been fitted with floor to ceiling bookcases that have and show at the same time the owners’; extensive book collection. A cozy cowhide upholstered armchair invites you to select a book, sit down comfortably and appreciate it. A sleek consume-in open kitchen overlooks the staircase in front and opens to a wonderful urban garden with trees and potted plants. The big glass sliding door lets the kitchen space lengthen outdoors and brings in a lot of all-natural light, that appears to climb the stairs and invade the upper spaces. 4 glossy red reduced stools placed in the garden just outdoors the kitchen invite to casual socialization. On a white background, noble resources this kind of as travertine tiles, stone slabs and wood generate a stylish ambiance.
stylish-renovation-of-a-victorian-house-2.jpg The higher ceilings, the empty volumes, the light and the architectural components generate a sense of harmony among the outdated and new characteristics of the home.
stylish-renovation-of-a-victorian-house-3.jpg Going up the airy stairs one can admire a wonderful assortment of photographs from each and every stage. This wall turns into a perform of art in itself.
stylish-renovation-of-a-victorian-house-4.jpg The kitchen is sleek and created of top quality components. Glossy cupboards marry beautifully with the glossy stone worktops and the lacquered seats of the large stools. The kitchen serves as dining room as nicely and extends to the outdoors by way of large sliding openings.