Present Day Landscapes By Rick Stevens

Artist Rick Stevens has a great mind to produce these remarkable present day landscapes. It was exciting to appear via his earlier function and see the evolution that has taken location. His existing pieces get your mind on a recall to some realm, land, sea, or air. I like how there isn’t distinctness and the objects or masses of shade let your imagination generate the story. Make sure to verify out his site as there are a lot of incredible functions to seem through.

A sense of framework is essential to me, but I avoid sturdy divisions. I call for a specific ‘fluidity’ exactly where every thing is flowing into the up coming thing. My compositions are infused with an all round light that is all-inclusive. This doesn’t let anything to be study as separate from the entire. There is diversity, just like in the natural world, but there is an underlying unity that is obvious. I at times use preliminary sketches as starting compositions for paintings and pastels. Considerably of my approach is improvised, making it possible for the function to evolve organically.

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