New Lighting In The Master Bedroom

About every other day I would stroll into our bedroom and locate a single or 2 of our chrome lights pulled onto the floor by our 18 month old. Mix the boys obsession with the lamps and the reality that I always felt they took up to much room on the nightstands, called for a new lighting resolution. I picked up a set of chrome eyeball sconces at a pretty very good price. I knew they required a minor TLC, so I went to function.

lighting modern day lights sconces

lighting modern lights sconces
present day lights chrome sconces These chrome sconces mount by attaching a metal plate to the wall. The base of the sconce is a massive magnet permitting it to then stick to the metal plate.

present day lights chrome sconces As you can see there was very a bit rust/tarnish on the base plates.

present day lights chrome sconces I utilised the old aluminum foil and vinegar trick to shine up the chrome bases. You can obviously see the polished one particular on the left.

present day lights chrome sconces contemporary lights chrome sconces modern day lights chrome sconces present day lights chrome sconces

They turned out genuinely well and freed up a great deal of surface space on the nightstands. I experimented with a filament bulb but they produced way to considerably heat. I didn’t want to spend $15 a bulb for LEDs so I had to go with the CFL’s, they hang out a minor but I can live with that.

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