Minimal Retail Room By Le Innovative Sweatshop

It has been a whilst because I have posted about any retail interiors but this minimal retail space, Library Of Ar2rk by Le Inventive Sweatshop caught my attention. The interiors consist of concrete floors, plywood shelve supports and clear resin shelves. I believe the use of a mostly transparent shelves is fairly wise in this application. The store is a Library Of Ar2rk just as the name describes, so the minimum display components let the books themselves act as the “art” in the room. I like how the books virtually float on the walls.

With the Group of Bien Des Choses , we layout the all interior of The Libray Of Art in Paris. For this possibility we decide to invent our own materials who was suppose to help all the Guide and Magazine of the Library. The process of this material was to drawn a white grill within transparent resine, generating a great and light material creating a suddle apartition of shadow.

Le Inventive Sweatshop minimum retail retailer

Le Innovative Sweatshop minimal retail store
Le Creative Sweatshop minimal retailer

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