Minimal-expense Renovation Of Compact City Apartment

low-cost-renovation-of-compact-city-apartment-1.jpg This undertaking represents the renovation of a compact apartment in a popular neighborhood in Barcelona. The owners, a young and dynamic couple, asked architect Eva Cotman for a fast and low-value renovation. In buy to adapt it to a youthful and modern day life-style, the apartment was stripped down to its standard structure. All non-load bearing wall had been eliminated, at the exact same time exposing the brick framework of the walls and the beams of the ceiling. Tearing down the false ceiling acquired the required additional height to fit in a platform with a guest bed. The room beneath the ceiling was also utilised to generate some storage, accessible from this platform. The apartment was redivided into an open area consisting of kitchen, dining and residing space, a bathroom, and a bedroom. The room created beneath the platform guest bedroom is used as a walk-by way of closet that backlinks the bedroom to the bathroom. The platform is accessed by way of a smart all-in-1 staircase-bookcase-storage framework. From a shade and materials viewpoint, we have warm wood on the floor and white paint on the walls, a neutral background leaving space for suggestions.
low-cost-renovation-of-compact-city-apartment-2.jpg The all-in-a single staircase structure represents the central piece of the apartment, the 2 from a style and from a function stage of see. It separates the open day area from the far more personal element of the apartment.
low-cost-renovation-of-compact-city-apartment-4.jpg The kitchen advantages from the light coming in via the window at the other end of the open room. The white of the walls and of the kitchen cupboards reflect this light improving its energy. The ceiling beams are utilised to hang pendant bare light bulbs with red contrasting electric cord.
low-cost-renovation-of-compact-city-apartment-3.jpg low-cost-renovation-of-compact-city-apartment-5.jpg The bedroom is extremely minimalistic, with its exposed white brick walls and the quite basic bed construction. The headboard of the bed was produced by merely re-plastering the brick wall and painting it white, hence getting a distinct texture.
low-cost-renovation-of-compact-city-apartment-6.jpg low-cost-renovation-of-compact-city-apartment-7.jpg low-cost-renovation-of-compact-city-apartment-8.jpg low-cost-renovation-of-compact-city-apartment-9.jpg