London Warehouse Loft Apartment

london-warehouse-loft-apartment-1.jpg Entirely redesigned by Kind Design Architecture, this London loft had presently been refitted a number of occasions because its initial warehouse stage. The previous re-fittings had really altered the industrial spirit of the loft due to the fact of raised floors, lowered ceilings and partition walls. The new owner, possessing previously lived in New York, wanted to regain the total scale of the room along with its industrial characteristics. Reaching this was only attainable by taking a radical place and stripping down the space of the current fit-out. The new empty area was tailored particularly to the life style want of the new proprietor. Hence, the additional bedroom and bathroom that were not essential have been removed, creating more open room for the residing and doing work locations of the property. The unique brick walls of the former warehouse have been left exposed and painted white all through the loft, with little exceptions. The flooring had to be recreated, as the original one particular had been destroyed by the earlier re-fittings. The unfinished Pitch Pine planks, that had been the frequent flooring of the ancient warehouses, have been salvaged from a Welsh Church. These all-natural, hand-made supplies are mixed with a lot more technologically innovative ones this kind of as HiMacs for the kitchen and storage blocks and LED lighting.
london-warehouse-loft-apartment-2.jpg The living room is fitted with Togo couches and poufs from Ligne Roset, in a fresh green shade. The colour and the fashion of the furniture generate an informal, relaxed atmosphere.
london-warehouse-loft-apartment-3.jpg At a single end of the loft there are a custom created desk and guide shelves that run the total width of the area. This is the working area that the owner, a photographer, wants for his professional action.
london-warehouse-loft-apartment-4.jpg london-warehouse-loft-apartment-5.jpg The kitchen block, island and dining-table are immaculate white in guy-produced components. The contrast with the raw plank floor and the brick walls creates a great combine of new and outdated that is quite specific to reconverted industrial spaces.
london-warehouse-loft-apartment-6.jpg london-warehouse-loft-apartment-7.jpg london-warehouse-loft-apartment-8.jpg london-warehouse-loft-apartment-9.jpg london-warehouse-loft-apartment-10.jpg london-warehouse-loft-apartment-11.jpg