Loft Fashion Children’s Space

loft-style-children's-room-1.jpg Russian designer Elena Skutova has designed a extremely unique environment in this comparatively tiny boy’;s room. Developed for 2 brothers, the space is playful with numerous factors inspired from nature. The bunk bed in white stained wood is created in the form of a tree home, with a roof and wooden access ladder. The bottom bed is turned in the opposite direction to the leading a single due to the fact of the lowered height in between the 2. From a materials point of view, the area is taken care of like an industrial loft, with exposed brick walls and huge metal knobs on the furnishings. The colors are earthy and quite masculine, with the ceiling as the only white surface in the area. The darker colors and the diffuse light produce a really cozy overall ambiance. The desk and storage structure is created in the exact same white stained wood and positioned on a brick background. Another hint to nature is the use of a cowhide rug in neutral hues. In front of the bed the wall is painted black and a combine of phrases and objects are drawn on it like with the chalk on a college blackboard.
loft-style-children's-room-2.jpg loft-style-children's-room-4.jpg The pattern of random planks painted in different colors from the prime bunk bed is repeated on the doors of the wardrobe and on the specifics of the mirror.
loft-style-children's-room-6.jpg loft-style-children's-room-7.jpg Hinting to the forest again, a part of the ceiling has a double fake ceiling created in timber, that also serves to filter the light coming from the frame of the ceiling. 2 industrial searching pendant lights hang from the ceiling, emphasizing the lofty feel of the room.
loft-style-children's-room-9.jpg A blackboard wall frames the door to the room, like a reminder of the school age of the boys. Various white chalk drawings and writings cover it randomly. Like including to the chaos, a image frame created from much more irregular elements hangs on this wall, with photos of the family members inside.
loft-style-children's-room-3.jpg loft-style-children's-room-5.jpg loft-style-children's-room-8.jpg loft-style-children's-room-10.jpg