Lighted Outside Furniture By Avanzini – Bright Woods

lighted-outdoor-furniture-avanzini-bright-woods-4.jpg A magical outdoor atmosphere is simple to accomplish with this assortment of lighted outdoor furnishings by Italian organization Avanzini. The Vivid Woods collection fairly significantly speaks for itself – a line of wood seating, coffee and side tables, each illuminated in a variety of awesome colors for a whimsical backyard, backyard or patio. Designed by designer Giancarlo Zema, the Brilliant furniture assortment boasts smooth, soft shapes that are as inviting to use as they are pleasing to appear at. In between the wood’s rings, illuminated layers of resin give a funky flash of pink, orange, purple or white – a rainbow of alfresco inspiration. Verify out this lighted outdoor furnishings collection at Avanzini Group.
lighted-outdoor-furniture-avanzini-bright-woods-2.jpg lighted-outdoor-furniture-avanzini-bright-woods-1.jpg lighted-outdoor-furniture-avanzini-bright-woods-3.jpg lighted-outdoor-furniture-avanzini-bright-woods-5.jpg