Exotic Ranch House Blends Rustic Chic And California Amazing

exotic-ranch-house-blends-rustic-chic-and-california-cool-1.jpg When Sylvia Beez of M.A.P. Interiors redesigned this 1970s ranch residence, she mixed a rustic-chic appear with the California appeal of the spot internet hosting this warm, welcoming, personality-filled home. The living area screams “rustic refined,” whereby each element that would normally be classified as “county” boasts a present day edge – the vaulted wood ceiling, painted white the concrete floor, polished to a sleek sheen and the stone fireplace, which requires shape a contemporary shape and gets to be a present day focal stage. A wall of windows floods the room with sunlight and garden views.
exotic-ranch-house-blends-rustic-chic-and-california-cool-2.jpg Like the properties finishes, the furnishings as well are a mix of rustic and chic. Normal materials like wood and leather attribute modern, sleek silhouettes with out currently being “unusable.” These pieces are as inviting as any, and actually beautiful to search at.
exotic-ranch-house-blends-rustic-chic-and-california-cool-3.jpg The home’;s open concept layout leaves its eclectic collections on full display. Vibrant contemporary ar2rk and a painted armoire supply that “ranch” aspect. A terra cotta colored wall adds an additional pop of colour to the room.
exotic-ranch-house-blends-rustic-chic-and-california-cool-4.jpg On the other side of the colored wall, is yet another persona altogether – a vivid, modern day kitchen with stainless steel appliances. steel and glass cabinets and a mini subway tile backsplash in various aqua and green tones.
exotic-ranch-house-blends-rustic-chic-and-california-cool-5.jpg A huge square table sits among the kitchen and living region, overlooking the garden.
exotic-ranch-house-blends-rustic-chic-and-california-cool-6.jpg 1 wall along this passageway displays art, whilst the other functions a textural pattern of waves washing more than it and leading you organically along. Awesome.
exotic-ranch-house-blends-rustic-chic-and-california-cool-7.jpg Another sitting location is as cozy as they come, with a sweet sofa in a warm cognac leather, and a couple of classic Barcelona chairs upholstered in a cream leather. The huge scale abstract ar2rk brings a pop of color to the tan walls.
exotic-ranch-house-blends-rustic-chic-and-california-cool-8.jpg Tucked into the massive bay window, we love these exotic wood elephant chairs.
exotic-ranch-house-blends-rustic-chic-and-california-cool-9.jpg The characteristic wall is finished in a dual pattern – no ar2rk above the fireplace necessary!
exotic-ranch-house-blends-rustic-chic-and-california-cool-10.jpg The dining location is fresh in green, flooded with normal light and even more illuminated by a beautiful chandelier overhead. The hefty wood table invites you to sit and keep a even though…
exotic-ranch-house-blends-rustic-chic-and-california-cool-11.jpg The rug brings a hunt of tradition to the space, complemented by thoughtfully displayed decor like a metal-adorned antique armoire, an umbrella holder, a book stand and gallery type photograph collection.
exotic-ranch-house-blends-rustic-chic-and-california-cool-12.jpg The library is a dramatic, practically intimidating area – unless of course, of course, it is your own. The desk is an authoritative addition. The shelves are lined with books and a collection of wood masks and sculptures. An earthy orange rug spreads out beneath the brown-painted coffered ceiling.
exotic-ranch-house-blends-rustic-chic-and-california-cool-13.jpg A powder room with pow!
exotic-ranch-house-blends-rustic-chic-and-california-cool-14.jpg exotic-ranch-house-blends-rustic-chic-and-california-cool-15.jpg Bedrooms boast a bohemian style that is wealthy and romantic. We adore the contrast of the rustic furnishings, abundant patterns, and the modern fashion lighting.
exotic-ranch-house-blends-rustic-chic-and-california-cool-16.jpg exotic-ranch-house-blends-rustic-chic-and-california-cool-17.jpg This exotic bathroom has a decidedly earthy appeal, featuring textured stone tiles, pebbled backsplash and particulars, and the metal mirror frames hanging above the metal vessel sinks. M.A.P. Interiors by means of Residence Adore