Cozy Residence Interior Is The Two Eco And Glam

cozy-home-interior-eco-glam-1-fireplace.jpg Robert Kolenik of Kolenik Eco Chic Layout was provided carte blanche by the house owners of a residence located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and the resulting interior spaces characteristic a design that he is passionate about – Eco chic luxury with a touch of glamour. The combinations of warm and cold materials, statement lighting and cozy furnishings showcase how lux glam can be cozy and relaxed all at the very same time. Who would not want to appreciate a meal or snuggle up on a couch subsequent to this double-sided fireplace?
cozy-home-interior-eco-glam-2-foyer.jpg Even the foyer is rich in detail and elegance with the supersized plank parquet pattern on the pale wood flooring, the softly textured walls and the multi paneled entry door. In fact all the doors inside the residence are functions of ar2rk, every single with their very own particular attribute seem.
cozy-home-interior-eco-glam-3-doors.jpg The doors to the kitchen attribute faux leather panels with inlaid handles on 1 wall whilst yet another pair of kitchen doors boasts glass panels surrounded by steel mullions and roller sliders along the bottom.
cozy-home-interior-eco-glam-4-kitchen.jpg The kitchen itself has some fairly outstanding functions, none far more so then the cantilevered bar with its illuminated pure white onyx tabletop and lichee tree trunk base. Framing out this amazing centre piece inside of the self contained kitchen is a ceiling island glowing with ambient lighting from the recesses all around its base.
cozy-home-interior-eco-glam-5-led-lights.jpg For unique events, the property owners can flip on their option of colour lighting by means of the Maretti Lighting method. I adore the fact that for this photograph shoot they chose to function the 2014 colour of the 12 months, Radiant Orchard” as the LED colour of selection.
cozy-home-interior-eco-glam-6-electronics-kitchen.jpg All the electronics inside the residence can be accessed from strategically area panels such as the panel positioned on the finish wall to the kitchen’;s wall of cabinerts. Automated by Bits & Bytes, the panels acces the bar and cinema Kharma Sound Method found in the basement as nicely as the Water Pump devices that handle the rainwater method.
cozy-home-interior-eco-glam-7-kitchen-island.jpg The self contained kitchen has no operate surfaces all around its perimeter, picking alternatively to attribute full height storage or appliance centres and leaving all the counter room to the centre island. The dimension of the kitchen is this kind of that this leaves a lot of prep and cooking room for multiple chefs to operate their magic at the identical time with the benefit of not obtaining their backs to every other. Adding punch to the vibrant white and espresso surrounds are attribute moments this kind of as the whimsical “Dream” floor lamp located following to the glass paneled doors.
cozy-home-interior-eco-glam-8-kitchen-details.jpg Dream is a whimsical design and style replicating stacked river rocks becoming pushed by the water existing in this kind of a way that any moment they will topple in excess of. Adding to the whimsy of the story is the purposefully reverse angle to the lampshade. It’;s a beautiful piece and showcases the imaginative capability of Robert Kolenik as this is one particular of his personal types. Whilst the gooseneck faucet does not share the same storyline as Dream, it repeats the visual by way of its very own profile creating a connectivity of faucet to lamp that is subtle but profound.
cozy-home-interior-eco-glam-9-leather-doors.jpg The 2nd pair of kitchen doors – and the more glam of the 2 sets – prospects out the social zone. At 36″W every single, the doors can be pulled back for a big 6′ opening creating it effortless for the chef of the residence to present unique dishes no matter whether appetizers, primary courses or deserts. The exposed track keeps the doors out of a pocket circumstance, enabling them to slide along the exposed wall so that their visceral detail can usually be observed and appreciated as the works of art that they are. These doors created by Kolenik himself and belonging to his Bo’;dor collection, are certainly not meant to be hidden away.
cozy-home-interior-eco-glam-10-social.jpg The textural excitement inside of the Bo’;dor doors is only 1 of the numerous thrilling moments inside of the social zone. From the residing edge trunk slab coffee tables to the supersized glam light fixture the space is filled with eye candy and nevertheless the area is as cozy as can be thanks to the customized produced “Proud” sofa by Kolenik. The couch commands the space with its 6.5m or 21ft length and provides a soft and cozy contrast to the jet black tiles employed on the fireplace surround and the smoky glass balustrade used on the stairwell and rail program..
cozy-home-interior-eco-glam-11-light-details.jpg The stairwell is its very own operate of art with its open riser and pale wood treads contrasted towards the dusky grey walls and smoky glass balustrade with stainless steel suspension rod caps. These information on their very own are particular but the additional detail of inlayed lighting on the wall every 2nd tread is a sparkling second of glam that ties the wall the sparkling sheen of the stainless steel caps on the balustrade. The carefully even though out use of lighting inside of the Rotterdam residence is partly what helps make the ultimate result so spectacular. Even the choice of desk lamps is very carefully considered out to produce vignettes of stability, rhythm and harmony. With no the scale and geometry of this red shaded lamp, the electronic display panel may possibly be also predominant but alternatively it is barely noticeable next to the angular lines of the bulbous lamp base and the glowing rose hue of the shade.
cozy-home-interior-eco-glam-12-bedroom.jpg The vignette of the lamp and electronic panel could effortlessly be part of any side table grouping inside a residing area, but Kolenik truly designed this vignette for the Master Bedroom bedside tables, displaying that even in a private zone, focus to detail is of paramount relevance to him Lucky for the house owners that Kolenig feels this way due to the fact the ensuite installation is a visually crafted perform of art with nothing left to likelihood.
cozy-home-interior-eco-glam-13-tub.jpg With every moment cautiously planned out, the tub was selected prior to the layout of the wall that flanks it. Robert Kolenik then chose to replicate the curve of the spa tub in the curvature of the wall and locating a shelf niche centred on the plumbing that is centred on the tub. This simply ignored piece of artistry takes careful and exact preparing and while most would believe the mosaics make the vignette, I myself am just gobsmacked over the architectural element.
cozy-home-interior-eco-glam-14-vanities.jpg The vanities are located opposite the tub and keep their profiles clean and straightforward so from a distance they do not compete with the mosaic wall miracle behind the spa tub. That stated, up shut and individual the vanities boast hugely grained black onyx counter tops that morph into the sink wells themselves. Incorporating to the drama of the onyx is the waterfall faucet. Merely spectacular.
cozy-home-interior-eco-glam-15-closet.jpg Whilst almost all the doors inside the Rotterdam residence are their personal attribute moments, inside of the walk-in closet the wall of door panels are kept sleek and easy so as not to distract from the objective of the space – selecting an outfit. In this locale it is the clothing and accessories that are the focal level. The restraint of design presented in this space is just yet another illustration of how Kolenik understands how and what to feature for the utmost performance within a sleek and stylish abode. Obtaining stated that, he also makes certain that every single detail is important and even right here, the minimalist door panels are fitted with flush fish leather handles. Kolenik Eco Chic Design