Contemporary Joinery By Jeff Martin

Yet another excellent update on a talented craftsman. Jeff Martin and his modern joinery have been doing work on some new designs that are really beautiful. What is really great is a video that was not too long ago done that outlines Jeff’s background and strategy. Make confident to click Go through Much more so you can verify out this vid. I totally really like the modest specifics and the use of diverse materials.

jeff martin contemporary joinery

jeff martin modern joinery

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Coastal Sideboard:
Debasing the notion that beauty and craftsmanship are only accessible by means of handmade, all-natural wood kinds. Jeff Martin Joinery utilizes waterjet cutting technology and colour distorting oxidizers to manipulate type.

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Bronze Shaker Table:
Marrying a procedure rooted in nearly 6000 years of historical past with current innovations in technology to re-envision an historically compelling design from the 1750s. Aesthetically distilled to its purest and most striking elements, the Bronze Shaker Table utilizes a cast base with mortise and tenon joinery, and bronze engineers rings to hold normal cracks in the wood collectively on the surface.

jeff martin modern furnishings design

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