Taller De Musics


Dom Arquitectura created this music college, in the Can Fabra Cultural Centre, a creating which historically was a textile factory.

The project posed a important challenge: to do a music school on leading of a library. That supposed a fantastic acoustic trouble.

We had a quite defined system, that give us the Greater Education School minimum needs about classrooms numbers and their surfaces. For that reason we propose a distribution based on maximum use of obtainable room.

All the classrooms separates one,8m from the creating exterior walls, permitting a perimeter access, and generating a comfortable circulation all around them all. It is meant to stay away from the make contact with and vibration transmission to the constructing.

Each and every classroom is formed as a independent volume, separate from the facade, the roof, the floor and the rest of the classrooms. They also will be acoustically insulated, avoiding sounds transmissions between them.

When we begin the proposal, we didn´t want to disregard the music spirit. Following carrying out an intensive study of the musician, their wants, their learning, the instruments, the philosophy, we tried to capture a proposal with all these problems.

Notes, rhythms, silent spaces, chords, patterns, pentagrams, inspire us to the undertaking.

The rooms are austere, in the interior, with white and grey colors, to facilitate the musician concentration. In the interior the installation are visible to maintain the acoustic insulation with no any hole.

The outside classrooms walls are raised with formica colored panels. The panels are positioned with a constant rhythm in all the walls forming also a soft shade gradient. They make desirable spaces suitable of a youth college students centre.

In the common regions we spot a slats ceiling, like a continuous pentagram or piano cords, to cover the open roof creating and all the centre installations.

Taller-De-Musics2 Taller-De-Musics3 Taller-De-Musics4 Taller-De-Musics5 Taller-De-Musics6 Taller-De-Musics7 Taller-De-Musics8 Taller-De-Musics9 Taller-De-Musics10 Taller-De-Musics11

Photographs by Jordi Anguera