Peconic Bay Residence


Stelle Architects made this residence sited on a bluff overlooking the bay within a grove of cedar and locust trees.

Discrete volumes of various public and personal functions are organized all around an axial promenade, extending to the outside. Single story volumes, separated by glass interstitial spaces, have been utilized to lessen the overall impact of the structures even though retaining lofty interiors spaces requested by the owners.

Lower servicing, sustainable supplies have been cautiously assembled. An efficient geothermal heating and cooling system along with hugely power effective glazing and an superior constructing insulation program resulted in a framework that considerably exceeded the specifications underneath the Energy Star rating program.

Peconic-Bay-Residence2 Peconic-Bay-Residence3 Peconic-Bay-Residence4 Peconic-Bay-Residence5 Peconic-Bay-Residence6 Peconic-Bay-Residence7

Photos by Michael Moran Photography, Inc.