Muriel Bardinet House – Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium

A modern dream house, Muriel Bardinet’s residence in the district of Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium is a pretty meshing of vintage, modern and exotic elements. By renovating a creating which was most recently a Japanese restaurant, the interior designer and architect created an enticing monochromatic home for her family members to appreciate.

With honest woods, black-and-white decor, layers of white and cream, as well as bountiful vivid natural light, this dwelling is just stunning with its stylish simplicity. These spaces exude this kind of a serenity, 1 can not aid but want to just relax and exist there.

The living are features a classic white tiled floor with square black insets topped with a plush shag rug. A distressed black leather buttery sofa offsets the naked woods in the adjacent table just beautifully. Contemporary tables, chairs, lamps and vessels create a non-fussy flair, whilst worn velvet-covered seating, a shell-beaded chandelier and metal decor contributes an understated, but luxe vibe.

There is also an eclectic power right here with detailed accents this kind of as angel wings, a penguin statue, baby lamb, glowing star and tribal sculpture popping up across shelving, tables and walls–loving this combine up!

A real stand-out is the beautiful ceiling framed with gilded moulding and painted with scattered metallic stars. 3 paper lantern-sort globe pendants in patterns of ruby red drop with a touch of whimsy into the room.

The bedroom is a soothing spot with white linens and a mustard wall with an antiqued canopy offsetting a huge sepia-toned ar2rk. A side table boasts a stacked stone lamp which looks more like an ancient sculpture than a lighting fixture. And that is precisely what is so fabulous about this present day abode–each and each and every detail was hand-selected individually, but joins together so harmoniously.

The Muriel Bardinet Residence is a charming modern dream property rich in texture, milky hues and trendy variety.