Mid-Century Harry Seidler House – Sydney, Australia

According to Australian mid-century layout, this residence was originally developed by Harry Seidler in 1972 for the Gissing family members. Today this modern day dream property in Sydney belongs to Ferne Colls and her 3 youthful kids.

Taking meticulous care in restoring the 2-story home and trying to keep its customized-developed patterns such as fixed furnishings, Ferne has produced a practical household dwelling which just beckons to be lived in.

From the second one enters, details this kind of as the authentic oak finishes in doorways, panel ceilings and developed-in cabinetry are obvious. The layout was untouched, and numerous of the mid-century furnishings inside of the residence have been included in the buy to retain that era’s attractiveness and affect. Of course, Ferne chose to update it by including her very own touches of decor and accents which personalizes this modern day dream property that significantly far more.

All through the dwelling, the white concrete bricks are a stand-out, not to mention a definitive nod to the mid-century style. These characteristic supplies, as nicely as the slate floors, transition seamlessly from within to out, and back again. Full-volume windows and sliding glass doors pour normal light into these residing spaces. Signifying a timeless architectural component, the dining space characteristics a double-height ceiling with a large plate glass window overlooking the verdant yard.

The residing space is highlighted by a single of Seidler’s authentic types which is the glass and stone coffee table. A hulking concrete wood-burning fireplace set up is breathtaking with block shelving, round column and an L-shaped window inset. Furniture consists of a set of leather and chrome lounging chairs and a black leather sofa adorned by a plush animal skin throw. This room, as is the rest of the property, is the 2 an artful research in time, as effectively as a location for the younger family members to thrive.

The pool patio is situated straight off of the living room and is dotted with a number of fantastic contemporary chairs and a tulip table. Upper degree bedrooms are uncluttered and fitted with large windows which frame the yard of mature trees and shrubbery magnificently.

The Mid-Century Harry Seidler Residence lives on (with thanks to Ferne!) in its mid-century modern glory, remaining an incredible dream property full of persona and timelessness.

Photography by Sean Fennessy and production by Lucy Feagins from The Style Files.