Itahye Residence – Parnaíba, São Paolo, Brazil By Apiacás Arquitetos & Brito Antunes Arquitetura

A luxury present day dream residence, Itahye Residence in Santana do Parnaíba, São Paolo Brazil was designed in a collaboration in between 2 firms, Apiacás Arquitetos and Brito Antunes Arquitetura. Open terraces, courtyards and multi-levels of residing area are what sets this architectural masterpiece apart from the rest.

A form of raw concrete, blackened steel and glass, finishes are modest yet resound with a sophisticated simplicity. Glass walls on all ranges enable the house to be viewed and appreciated no matter whether from inside or out. A series of flat rooflines and cantilevered volumes turn into numerous terraces and landings with catwalks scattered across the construction. Wood-topped open railings teeter on platforms, whilst glass walls supply illusions producing for most fascinating spaces to move inside of.

The residence itself is nestled into the deeply sloped land, which is what at first inspired the architect. Every single level caters to a diverse residing requirement, whether or not storage and utility, main living or personal sleeping quarters. As such, the unobstructed views from all stories are downright exquisite. Minimalist interiors permit the components to talk for themselves, casting a serenity across the home.

Screening also plays its part in the lovely aesthetic with walls and windows obtaining these timber factors which offer shading as required. Sliding wooden screens across windows fully open allowing for abundant cross-ventilation.

A double volume dining room soars and is met by an upper degree wood-burning stove. A variety of sets of strong concrete staircases include a dramatic edge while connecting a single floor to one more. A grass-filled courtyard characteristics a singluar tree with curved bark and an adjacent white rock garden. An incredible feature which can be observed from various perspectives of the residence is the swimming pool which sleekly expands beneath one particular of the buildings.

Itahye Residence is a masterfully-planned contemporary dream house produced from modest materials which exude a magnificient beauty.