House In Mexilhoeira-Grande


Marco Arraiolos desgined this exclusive property positioned in the city or Mexilhoeira-Grande, Portimão.

The residence, with a essential implementation polygon defined in a advancement plan, is inserted in a batch of reduced dimensions, with southern publicity and views more than the river mouth of the estuary of Alvor.

The project inverts the logic of fast social/private, currently being the occupation at ground level, of the complete region of deployment, produced with private and support locations – bedrooms, bathroom and laundry. On this foundation rests a top floor with sloping roof, retreated to the south, resulting in a terrace that develops along the entire facade. On this floor are the social areas – living room, dining area and kitchen, taking advantage of the publicity and the outside location in terrace, sheltered by the very building from the prevailing winds from the north.

The sloping roof, white, of single water and with a finish as the walls, makes it possible for a partial occupation at floor level 2 and gives a mono materic character to the created.

Somewhat modifying the dimensions of predefined threshold and fence, sought to a minimum intervention on the present topography. The retreat to the south “undoes” the volume and makes it possible for it to track the slope exactly where it inserts, minimizing the influence of the building and whilst in search of a certain recollection and privacy of who inhabits the south terrace, from the street main access to the north.

Residence-in-Mexilhoeira-Grande2 Home-in-Mexilhoeira-Grande3 Home-in-Mexilhoeira-Grande4 House-in-Mexilhoeira-Grande5 Residence-in-Mexilhoeira-Grande6 Residence-in-Mexilhoeira-Grande7 Home-in-Mexilhoeira-Grande8 Home-in-Mexilhoeira-Grande9 Property-in-Mexilhoeira-Grande10 House-in-Mexilhoeira-Grande11

Photos by João Morgado