Habitus Graphic Prints Exhibition By Okolo (CZ)

Detail from František Polák's interpretation of Moshe Safdie's Residential complex Habitat 67

Detail from František Polák’s interpretation of Moshe Safdie’s Habitat 67 residential complicated

Curator Adam Štěch of Czech style collective Okolo invited a group of 10 graphic designers and illustrators to get component in a visual study venture centered on experimental architectural projects from the second half of the 20th century.

Maria Makeeva's interpretation of Guy Rottier's Holiday home

Maria Makeeva’s interpretation of Man Rottier’s Vacation residence

In Habitus, present-day graphic artists provide their personal initial-hand response to distinct projects by modernist architects and designers dating from between 1935 and 1975, coming up with their very own visual interpretations of experimental housing modules, socio-architectural visions, or distinctive interior layout schemes.

Michal Bačák's interpretation of Zvi Hecker's Ramot Polin housing development

Michal Bačák’s interpretation of Zvi Hecker’s Ramot Polin housing advancement

“[Habitus] embarks on a journey into the recent past, rediscovering 10 crucial architectural experiments which provided in their time remedies option to the conventional idea of and approach to the phenomenon of area and the various techniques it can be taken care of by its end users.” says Okolo.

Martina Marešová's interpretation of Kenji Ekuan's Tortoise House

Martina Marešová’s interpretation of Kenji Ekuan’s Tortoise Home

“The second half of the twentieth century ushered into the process of constituting a modern-age residential space and the improvement of humans´ attitudes towards it, new and sudden possibilities for experimenting. The ideas of a housing module, or a symbolic residence of the long term, formulated in parallel studies by a number of foremost figures in a variety of components of the world, turned into catalysts of experimental design and style and architecture, pointing to new prospects of structural construction, supplies, and above all, spacial relations, involving visions of near-long term perspectives for patterns of human residence.”

Jan Kloss/Matěj Činčera's interpretation of Jean Maneval's Bubble dwelling unit

Jan Kloss/Matěj Činčera’s interpretation of Jean Maneval’s Bubble dwelling unit

Even although most of the visions ultimately proved to be utopian, the Habitus exhibition brings into relief many far more or less well-recognized experimental tasks dating from the golden age of architectural modernism, in the light of parallel interpretations by several current-day Czech illustrators and graphic designers.

Participants include: František Polák, Maria Makeeva, Jan Kloss/Matěj Činčera, Michal Bačák, Mütanta, Jan Horčík, Kristína Ambrozová, Lukáš Kijonka, Ex Lovers, and Martina Marešová.

The Habitus exhibition is on now right up until December 22, 2013 at the Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace in Prague.

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