Flying Stage Residence


Stelle Architects developed this property and backyard that grew to become a bridge amongst 2 various bodies of water: gentle Mecox Bay to the north and wild Atlantic Ocean to the south.

An current residence was radically transformed as opposed to becoming demolished. Considerable effort was undertaken in order to reuse, rethink and modify present situations and supplies. Much of the materials removed was recycled or reused elsewhere. The plans were reworked to develop smaller sized, staggered volumes, which are visually disconnected. Deep overhangs have been added to strengthen the indoor/outside relationship and new bay to ocean views via the framework end result in property as breezeway and bridge. The dunescape amongst house and shore was restored to a organic state although reduced maintenance creating materials, allowed to weather naturally, will proceed to strengthen the romantic relationship of the structure to its surroundings.

Flying-Stage-Residence2 Flying-Level-Residence3 Flying-Point-Residence4 Flying-Point-Residence5 Flying-Stage-Residence6 Flying-Stage-Residence7 Flying-Stage-Residence8 Flying-Stage-Residence9 Flying-Level-Residence10 Flying-Stage-Residence11

Photos by Kay Wettstein von Westersheimb & Francesca Giovanelli