Findlay Residence – North Vancouver, Canada By Splyce Design And Style

The Findlay Residence in North Vancouver, Canada is spacious box-like structure at 4,000 square feet, nevertheless that is not what separates it from other large residences. This 2-story structure is rooted–literally–with a glazed central void abundant with bamboo trees which deposits light while producing an element of intrigue and illusion.

Developed by Splyce Design, this contemporary dream residence boasts a mix of each interconnected and separated spaces for its household of 4. The irregular dimension and shape of the great deal posed a challenge which was conquer by the keen floor plan and general design.

The facade of horizontal cedar cladding and concrete is understated, presenting a clean-lined aesthetic to the neighborhood. A small front yard is covered in grass nevertheless enabling for a play space for the youngsters, even though the rear patios lined with trees are huge adequate to host family and pal gatherings more than comfortably.

On the ground floor, the residing area and kitchen perform opposite every other on both sides of the bamboo sanctuary. A widespread hallway behind the glass enclosure hyperlinks these rooms collectively. Throughout the day, plentiful sunlight beams into these minimalist spaces contributing cheer. Smooth concrete floors, white lacquered cabinets and oak wall panels sheath the interiors. Sliding glass doors provide boundariless living in between indoor and outdoor locations, excellent for a household life-style.

A cantilevered staircase floats towards an adjacent glass wall and prospects to second-story bedrooms. A skylight integrated into the roof, casts light which is downright striking against reduce degree walls and floors.

The master bedroom is linked to its ensuite bathroom via a glazed bridge. Furnished in simplicity, this sleeping area is soothing even though the bathroom also portrays an utmost soothing vibe. The wall above the white vanities is a frameless window dealing with tree leaves and featuring 2 rectangular mirror panels hanging from wire cables. The connection with nature here is breathtaking!

Just down the hall, a area designed for the young children is delightful with an elongated, developed-in desk for scientific studies or pc perform, and a customized book shelf with square cubbies displaying books, toys and photographs.

The Findlay Residence is a contemporary dream property balanced with personal and shared spaces exactly where an lively loved ones of 4 can thrive.