Eye Candy Eyewear Store


Creneau Global designed this original eyewear store positioned in the Wijnegem Buying Center in Belgium.

THE Store: Never noticed before…

It takes no clairvoyant to see that most opticians are a sight for sore eyes. So when we have been asked to come up with a concept for a glasses store, we had a clear vision on what we did not want it to search like. Thankfully, the individuals from Eye Candy shared this vision and trusted us blindly. We developed a exclusive buying expertise, in which the packaging grew to become the store and the keep became the packaging. Baffled?

It all makes perfect sense really: as a store, you want to create personal relationships with your buyers. What much better way to do this than to literally send a piece of your retailer residence with them? The design of Eye Candy came to use when we visuallised the procedure of acquiring a pair of glasses. The complete shelving method is constructed out of boxes that serve as a show for the merchandise. After the buy, the box is eliminated from the frame, gets the packaging and gets a carrying deal with. So each time a customer buys his glasses at Eye Candy, he or she gets a strolling ad for the retailer.

THE PACKAGING: Fairly a spectacle…

If ever there were a keep notion worthy of the cliché ‘out-of-the-box’, it is Eye Candy. The shelving system is developed out of minor cardboard boxes contained in a easy pinewood frame. As soon as a consumer buys a pair of glasses, the packaging shifts perform from shelve to shopping bag. Hyper functional, but hyper clever. Because not only did we save on stock area, we also created certain that each and every customer practically will get to get a piece of Eye Candy house.

The packaging is created out of ultra standard white cardboard, with stickers in 8 different colours that create a colorful contrast and divide the store into distinct mood zones. Within every box, there is space for the merchandise (glasses) and additional goodies this kind of as cleaning spray, cleaning cloth and some exciting stuff. We assure you: it will be really like at first sight!

Eye-Candy2 Eye-Candy3 Eye-Candy4 Eye-Candy5 Eye-Candy6

Photos by Arne Jennard