Esplanade House By Finnis Architects

Finnis Architects have finished the Esplanade Property in Brighton, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

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Undertaking Description

The consumer desired a modern day striking new residence. The newly constructed 3 bedroom residence combines open program residing with privacy and luxury. The primary living locations on the ground floor seamlessly movement by way of to the outdoors. The home had a key concentrate on entertaining with the property containing a number of social locations.

The bedrooms of the residence are tranquil and quiet each and every containing their personal en-suite bathroom and generous views. The front façade is a striking characteristic with large glass panels reflecting the light. This is enhanced by the water attribute gives a relaxed and inviting feeling to the entrance. The angular roof component functions the 2 visually and environmentally with the house making use of sustainable style features.

Architect: Finnis Architects
Photography: Dianna Snape