Espace St-Denis – Montreal, Canada By Anne Sophie Goneau

With just in excess of one,200 square feet, Espace St-Denis is a modern day dream apartment situated on the ground floor of a residential creating in Montreal, Canada. A total renovation by Anne Sophie Goneau, the new strategy imaginatively unfolds with 2 bedrooms, a full bath and open residing-dining-kitchen space. With raw materials of brick, steel, glass and timber at the forefront of the meant style, this a single-degree condo exudes an airy attractiveness regardless of its smaller sized dimensions.

Upon coming into the residence from the street, a modest vestibule with flat modular storage closets opens up to the linear kitchen and dining area featuring smooth pale grey epoxy flooring which flows throughout. This space is breathtaking with it simplicity and contrasting colors and textures. An complete wall is sheathed in authentic brickwork (identified post-demolition) and plays a sturdy contrast to the high-gloss black kitchen unit of cabinetry and appliances. Hidden recessed lighting along this edge, as well as inside of a hallway ceiling in direction of the rear of the apartment was cleverly implemented to emit additional light. A huge center work/gathering island in stark white also creates a visual diversion and gives seating with a couple of stools nestled beneath.

Exposed steel beams add an industrial punch, even though also making it possible for the area to stay open as rooms transition. The living space receives a constructed-in bookshelf wall opposite a plate glass window which turns into the home’s facade. An emerald green velvet sofa is clean-lined yet posh in the otherwise unadorned room of a white square coffee table and set of black-and-wood vintage side chairs.

The master bedroom sits along the kitchen corridor and is solely divided from that zone by a frameless glass wall. This layout element is ingenious, not only as an unexpected and provocative characteristic, but due to the fact it makes it possible for the organic light–which is relatively constrained due to the ground floor location–to bounce across surfaces and penetrate living areas.

A salvaged rustic wood wall gets to be the corridor leading to the second bedroom and total bath. A customized stainless steel basin and vanity is stacked on the marble-wrapped tub, creating a fascinating L-shaped installation. Plentiful lighting coupled with the shiny surfaces of steel and mirrors generate a bright room, although the opposite side containing the walk-in shower and toilet sits behind a dark smoky glass partition.

Espace St-Denis is a modern day dream apartment house incorporating great, revolutionary design theories to very best capture light and maximize space in a smaller footprint.

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