Contemporary Mirrored Lake Cottage – Bolsover, Ontario, Canada By UUfie

With not even 700 square feet, Lake Cottage by Toronto-primarily based design studio UUfie manages to really feel airy with plentiful spaces which morph beautifully with its forestal surroundings close to the Kawartha Lakes. Situated in Bolsover, Ontario, Canada, this modest modern dream home is a retreat in the woods, a place to ponder and value a definitive connection with nature.

Envisioned as an natural structure, the A-frame cottage is a new extension linked to an present home, and is clad in matte black steel and charred cedar wood with other locally-sourced sustainable characteristics. An entrance terrace of glass-and-mirrors with tree-stump flooring tiles permits for a perpetual interplay amongst the outdoors and within spaces, reflecting the trees and rural landscape magnificently. The shiny components paired with the white birch bark, green spruce trees and white powdery snow is sensational.

The residing location receives the steep pitch, a minimalist room with a wood-burning fireplace with created-in timber storage designed to resemble the roofline. Windows, glass reduce-outs and skylights carved into the walls and roof filter in organic daylight which contributes additional brightness to the interiors of whitewashed woods.

Other than a woven wooden chair right here and a plush animal-skin rug there, furnishings are almost non-existent, permitting the 2 the indoor residing spaces and earthy outdoors to be appreciated without having obstruction or distraction.

The dining space, which connects to the main house, is an interesting space, completely glazed with black abstract tree designs. 2 openings on one particular wall supply views into the adjacent residing area.

One of the home’s focal factors is the staircase consisting of a sole tree log slatted with wooden actions, so beautiful with its raw energy. It ascends to the quaint loft which features an entire wall of pale blue-stained wooden fish scales which are also seen as skylight coverings in the residing room.

A modern dream residence, Lake Cottage is a rustic stunner with its illusional mirrored surfaces and enchanting, bare design evocative of the timbered landscape it resides inside.

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