Bitxo Residence By Lagula Arquitectes

Bitxo Property stands on the gentle hills of the Pre-Pyrenean landscape of Graugés, in the Berguedá area, 100 kilometres north of Barcelona, with the Queralt mountain assortment at the background and located in between mountain fashion homes.The owners, Xavier and Queralt, each of them musicians, get, about 20 many years ago, a plot to raise the stave, the place to the score of their lives. Over time, without having rush. The design and style and development of housing extends for more than 10 many years, till these days.

In contact with the ground, the lines of the stave get broken, absorb the trace of an old path and set a diagonal on the internet site which then serves to structure a hierarchic method, including aspects and processes, which are used to feel the residence, and develop it with a dramatic concrete framework loading a ceramic lattice. The spaces are defined by totally free-standing bodies lined with colourful glazed ceramic, below the concrete slab covered in Arabic tiles coated in standard colour, as the regional rules mandate.

Commencing at the entrance, below the lattice, the spaces and rooms are organized, structured along the trace, in a spiral movement that initially follows the normal slope with a ramp top to the kitchen, and a double-height dining and living rooms. The ascent continues, with half height amounts to tight the spaces towards the concrete slab of the roof in correspondence to the privacy of the major and secondary bedrooms and service rooms. The end of the walk, finished only in the undertaking with a fireman’s pole, prospects to the playing area for youngsters, redundant element for the complete property is, in reality, their playground.

The Bitxo Property is the unpredictable outcome of a predictable and restrictive legislation, which regulates the creation of any new architecture to be presumably erected in a respectful method in direction of the web site and the traditional buildings.

However, a stone or ceramic façade, a traditional tile roofing or the nearby pastel colour chart, as set in the regional rules, are not sufficient to mimic the environment, nor to produce an architecture to be an “expression of its time” as pursued by contemporary culture because the early twentieth century.

Bitxo House is a study on these conditions of start: if the materials are set by the laws, the geometry expresses itself as a potent instrument to flip round. The property is positioned perpendicular to the street, with a single slope roof that decreases the front façade to a big window. The residence bows to the street opposing to the acts of assertiveness of the proud neighbouring facades. Rather, the principal volume is concentrated in the direction of the garden, in which it achieves more privacy, away from street, zealously hiding the outdoor existence of its inhabitants.

In contrast, its major facade is perceived only tangentially, and extends during the internet site structuring the principal physique and the pool and backyard shed volumes. The roof, with the slope and coating material set by laws, turns into a unifying element of the spaces beneath, while shaping them, as it will get closer or greater to the ground, characterizing the more public or private rooms beneath.

It is difficult to assess progress of understanding in a discipline this kind of as architecture. We only have the intuition of having prevented a setback in the on-going construction of the globe in that single level. Much more data on Lagula Arquitectes site.